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  1. Speed Calling-permits placing local and long distance calls to pre-selected telephone numbers by dialing an abbreviated code.  To add a number to the calling list the customer uses his own telephone.  (Speed Calling 8-number capacity..........$2.00/month    30-number capacity..........$2.50/month)

  2. Call Waiting - a distinctive tone informs the telephone user that another call has been placed to his line.  By briefly depressing the hookswitch, the user will be connected to the second caller while holding the first.  Subsequent depressions of the hookswitch will allow the user to alternate between calls.  Cancel Call Waiting - permits a telephone user to cancel a distinctive tone for computer or important telephone calls they do not want interrupted.  (Call Waiting...........$2.00/month)

  3. Call Forwarding - call forwarding is an arrangement whereby incoming calls may be transferred to another telephone number by signaling a prefix code and the telephone number to the service to which calls are to be transferred.  Calls forwarded by this feature are subject to local and long distance message charges.  These calls are also subject to transmission limitations.  (Call Forwarding..........$2.00/month)

  4. Three-Way Calling - permits a telephone user to add a third party to an existing local or long distance call.  It will also permit a telephone user to consult privately with a third party while holding the original call.  These calls are also subject to transmission limitations.  (Three-way Calling..........$2.00/month)

  5. Wake-up Service - permits a telephone user to select a time of day for the phone to ring giving them a tone to signify wake-up.  (Wake-up Service..........$1.00/month)

  6. Last Call Return - allows a customer to dial a code that will cause the feature to automatically redial the number of the last incoming call to that line, whether the call was answered or not.  The customer does not have to know the number of the calling party.  This feature will not return calls to parties who have blocked delivery of their number.  (Last Call return..........$1.00/month)

  7. Last Number Redial - allows a customer to dial a code that will cause the feature to automatically redial the last number the customer dialed.  This feature will not return calls to parties who have blocked delivery of their number.  (Last Number Redial..........$1.00/month)

  8. Caller ID -Name and Number - allows for the automatic delivery of a calling party's name and telephone number (including non-published and non-listed telephone numbers) to the called customer, which gives the called customer an opportunity to decide whether to answer the call immediately or not.  The name and number are displayed on customer-provided equipment.                                                                                                     The name displayed shall be the name associated with the calling telephone number as shown on the Company's records.  The Company, in it's discretion may abbreviate or limit that name for display purposes.  The Company does not assure name accuracy, and it shall not be liable to any party for errors, omissions or mistakes.  The Company's sole and only obligation shall be to reasonably correct errors in names when notified in writing of such errors.  (Caller ID -Name and Number..........$6.00/month)

  9. Anonymous Call Rejection - allows a customer to reject calls from parties who have blocked delivery of their number.  (Anonymous Call Rejection..........n/c)

  10. Per Call Blocking - allows the customer to block their number and name from being displayed on an individual call by dialing *67 with a tone dial phone (1167 with a rotary dial phone) immediately before the call.  It is necessary to repeat this procedure before each call that you wish to block CALLER ID. (Per Call Blocking..........n/c)

  11. Per Line Blocking - allows the customer to block their number and name from being displayed on any outgoing calls.  In some cases, the customer may wish to have their number delivered on specific calls.  To do this, the customer dials *82 with a tone dial phone (1182 with a rotary dial phone) immediately before the call.  There is one exception to per line blocking;  the number will always be delivered when dialing 911.  Service order charges do not apply the first time a customer subscribes to this service or at any time for law enforcement agencies and domestic violence programs.  (Per Line Blocking..........n/c)

  12. Customer - Originated trace - allows a called party to initiate an automatic trace of the last local call received.  Call Trace is available on a usage basis only.  After receiving the call which is to be traced, the customer dials *57 followed by 1 and the traced telephone number is automatically sent to the phone company for further action.  The customer originating the trace will not receive the traced telephone number.  The results of a trace will be furnished only to legally constituted law enforcement agencies or authorities upon proper request by them.  (Customer - Originated trace..........$1.00/each)

  13. Selective Call Acceptance - allows a customer to list up to 32 numbers that will be allowed to terminate at the customer's telephone.  All other calls are routed to a recording.  (Selective Call Acceptance..........$2.00/month)

  14. Selective Call Forwarding - allows a customer to specify a list of maximum of 32 numbers.  Incoming calls placed to the customer from phone numbers on that list will automatically be forwarded to a predefined telephone number. (Selective Call Forwarding..........$2.00/month)

  15. Selective Call Rejection - enables a customer to reject call attempts from up to 32 numbers of calling parties.  (Selective Call Rejection..........$2.00/month)

  16. Toll Restriction with Code Access - allows the customer to block toll usage from their phone unless user enters an authorized code.  Other users of the same telephone would not be allowed to access these services without the code.  (Toll Restriction with Code Access..........$1.50/month)

  17. Call Hold - The feature allows a subscriber to return the telephone's handset on-hook while a call is in progress.  Calls placed on Hold are retrieved either via a feature access code or flashing the switchook.  You can also retrieve a held call from another telephone.  (Call Hold..........$1.00/month)

  18. Call Waiting-Delayed Cancel - This feature allows a subscriber with Call Waiting to disable the Call Waiting feature for the next call to be received.  (Call Waiting-Delayed Cancel..........n/c)

  19. Do Not Disturb - This feature allows a subscriber to place their telephone in an apparent busy condition to all incoming calls without affecting the outgoing features of the line.  This feature is set up and removed as required by the subscriber.  Special Busy Tone is returned if a line in a "Do Not Disturb" condition is called.  (Do Not Disturb..........$1.00/month)

  20. Hotline - allows a subscriber telephone to be programmed as a hotline telephone.  Hotline telephones can access only one pre-designated answer point.  The system automatically dials the directory number associated with their answer point as soon as the subscriber lifts the handset.  (Hotline..........$1.00/month)

  21. Warm Line - allows a call to be made to a programmed destination if no digits are dialed before first digit timeout.  After picking up the handset, dialing can take place normally or if no digits are dialed before timeout, the pre-programmed call will be made.  (Warm Line..........$1.00/month)

  22. Registered Users - allows a directory number to be independent of a physical line.  To make phone calls, Registered Users must "log in" on a physical line.  Once registered, the device will assume the registered user's Service Category, ring code, etc.  This monthly charge applies for each physical line configured.  A maximum of 30 numbers may be configured for each physical line.  (Registered Users..........$5.00/month)

  23. Distinctive Ringing - allows a single party line to have up to four directory numbers assigned to this same physical equipment.  One of these numbers is referred to as the 'prime' directory number.  When dialed, each directory number results in a distinctive coded ringing pattern.  (Distinctive Ringing..........$1.00/month)

  24. Distinctive Ringing - Call Waiting - allows a person with call waiting to get a distinguishing tone to tell him which number someone is calling in on.  (Distinctive Ringing..........n/c)

  25. Toll Blocking - This feature allows a customer to prevent direct-dialed toll calls and operator-handled calls from being placed from their telephone.  This feature does not prevent a customer from dialing toll-free calls such as 1-800 or 1-888 calls.  Billed number screening is also employed with this feature to identify that this telephone number will not accept billing of calls for third-party or collect calls.  The Company shall not be liable for ay and all claims for loss or damages caused by a customer subscribing to this feature, nor does the Company guarantee that no third-party or collect calls will be billed to the telephone number.  In the event that a third-party, collect, or toll calls are billed to the telephone number, the customer will be liable for payment of those charges.  (Toll Blocking..........n/c)